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Sankranti – Take the U-turn

  1. The time signifies a reversal in the movement of the sun. For most of us, in the Northern Hemisphere of the earth, it is (about) the time when the shortest day ends and, again, the day gets longer.
  2. From our point of view, the sun takes a U-turn as though. He starts going Northward, while for the last six months he was going Southward.
  3. Sankranti means ‘reaching’ or ‘crossing’.
  4. Symbolically, for the spiritual seeker, Sankranti means the U-turn in her thoughts. She turns inward.
  5. The Kathopanishad declares, "The senses are normally turned outwards. A rare soul looks within, seeking to conquer death." (2:1:1)
  6. The Geeta confirms: "One in a thousand strives for spiritual perfection. One rare soul among them knows Me  correctly." (7:3)
  7. Pujya Gurudev remarks, "A man who has always signed with his right hand finds it most difficult to write with his left hand. So is it very difficult for people to turn inward, as they have all along looked outside."
  8. It is a quantum leap when we change the very area of our focus – from the outer world to the inner one.
  9. It is Sankranti when we drop selfishness and get ready to serve.
  10. It is a great day when we give up our thoughts about sense objects and think of God.
  11. It is a festival when we withdraw from our likes and dislikes and watch the movement of the mind without bias.
  12. It is quiet celebration in the banquet hall of our own heart, when we rise above all our judgments and experience pure love for all.


Swami Chidananda


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