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Inspiration from Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayanandaji
bullet    Efficiency is the capacity to bring proficiency into statement.
bullet    Let your mind be where your hands are.
bullet    When opportunity knocks, we are either ‘out’ or sleeping ‘in’.
bullet    Success is not in the trophy won, but in the race run.
bullet    A man becomes high or low according to his deeds.
bullet    Our work may be small or big; the important thing is that we do it well.
bullet    You conquer the world, when you conquer your mind.
bullet    The incompetent grumble that they would have done much more had the circumstances been different.
bullet    Dignity of labor consists in service.
bullet    We can raise the quality of our actions, only by improving the texture of our thoughts.

    Become quietly effective; ‘they’ will then understand.

Collect more gems of the master; read his little book, "Ever-green Messages".

Swami Chidananda


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