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 God As In Geeta

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bullet    God is the father of the universe; He is the mother too. He is the very source. 9:17
bullet    He dwells in everyone’s heart, and decides how he or she acts. 18:61
bullet    His nature is that there is never any change in Him. No birth (including incarnation), old age etc.
    can affect Him, really speaking. 4:6
bullet    He uses His power MAYA and appears in many forms (incarnations). 4:6
bullet    He is the very Self in all living beings. 10:20
bullet    He manifests in many forms and comes down on the earth, when there is decline in Dharma. 4:7
bullet    He protects the good and removes the wicked. 4:8
bullet    Earth, water, fire, air and space – the five elements – are His expressions. 7:4
bullet    We ought to see Him, wherever there is extraordinary beauty or glory. 10:41
bullet    He makes our mind work, while residing in our hearts. 15:15
bullet    He is in all; all are in Him. 6:30

Swami Chidananda


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