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    Deepavali or Diwali, the Festival of Lights, falls on Wednesday, November 14 this year

bullet     From a Vedanta perspective, the Light is the Self, the Atman, the Truth of our existence.
bullet     Lord Sri Krishna shines as the Self in every one of us.
bullet    When we know His presence, the demon Narakasura, who has been tormenting us, dies.
bullet    To know the Self is to undo our ego.
bullet    The ego thrives amidst a thousand thoughts relating to ‘I, me and my’.
bullet    The demon Narakasura has large number of supporters, other demons.
bullet    The Geeta (13:17) declares, "The Light of all lights resides in everybody’s heart."
bullet    The Light of the Self illumines everything in our life’s experiences, as the sun illumines the entire earth. 
bullet    All other lights borrow from the Light of the Self. (Kathopanishad 2:2:15)
bullet    The true ‘I’ shines forth in all glory, when the misconceived ego dies. (Ramana Maharshi, Upadesha Sara 20)
bullet    "You are the Supreme Light" – Adi Shankaracharya in Ekashloki.

    May Shri Krishna bless you this Diwali to see the glory of your Atman.

   Swami Chidananda



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