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    It felt good about itself, when it discovered its own uniqueness fragrance of its flowers.
bullet    A jasmine plant once felt low, thinking, "I am not big as the hill is".
bullet    Being aware of our own good side boosts our self-esteem.
bullet    Every one of us has unique abilities; we have to find out where we can contribute.
bullet    We need to achieve things small or big to boost our own morale.
bullet    Small victories lead to big victories.
bullet    Arise, work, make a success of your enterprise. (Geeta 11:33)
bullet    Self-esteem falls as we cling to the memory of our past failures.
bullet    So we should learn to forget such past.
bullet    We should identify the opportunity that the present moment brings to us, and act on it.
bullet    Act we must.
bullet    It is all a trick of the mind, from a philosophical standpoint. Yet it matters to us.
A mature mind rids itself of unnecessary comparison, does not cling to the past, and patiently works on the job today. Thus it builds self-esteem.

Swami Chidananda


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