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 Total Success

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Total Success

  1. They always win who have Lord Hari, the abode of all auspiciousness, in their hearts. They gain profit.
    How can they ever suffer defeat? (old verse; see Note 1)
  2. There is sure success where Sri Krishna, the Lord of Yoga, and Arjuna that holds a mighty bow come
    together. (Geeta 18:78)
  3. Right values and spiritual wisdom are symbolically Sri Krishna. Skills in the sciences of the world are
    symbolized by Arjuna.
  4. Our professional knowledge and adherence to Dharma ensure total success.
  5. Partial success is when we do well in one area of our life, but are without peace at another.
  6. Our life necessarily is a whole – consisting of home, work, society and so on. The parts are
    interrelated really.
  7. Worldly conditionings make us look at one department as important and neglect another. Likes and
    dislikes (raaga and dvesha) cause imbalance in the way we live our life.
  8. The ego (ahamkara) is the root cause of endless fancies and prejudice.
  9. The ego is a bundle of memories. In lack of alertness, memories color our perception and lead to
    false expectations.
  10.  When we live alertly, we can retain a childlike simplicity within us while functioning correctly in
    the discharge of our duties.
  11.  “All problems rise when the ego rises; all of them subside when the ego subsides. Therefore total success
    (SARVA-JAYA) is gained by keeping a watch on our ego.” Sri Ramana Maharshi. (Note 2)

    Note 1:
    laabhas-teshaam jayas-teshaam kutas-teshaam paraajayah
    Yeshaam hridistho Bhagavaan mangalaayatano Harih

    Note 2:
    Bhaave’hamah sarvam-idam vibhaati
    Laye’hamo naiva vibhaati kinchid
    Tasmaad-ahamroopam-idam samastam
    Tan-maarganam sarva-jayaaya maargah (Saddarshanam – 28)

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    Swami Chidananda


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