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  1. Earning wealth is one of the four recognized ends of human life, purusharthas. Wealth is ‘artha’. (Note 1)
  2. We worship Goddess Lakshmi, who represents wealth.
  3. Goddess Lakshmi is the companion of Lord Narayana, the ultimate good.
  4. "Hold Narayana, make Him yours, Lakshmi will also come to you." – Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.
  5. Wealth empowers us to perform virtuous deeds. (Note 2)
  6. Poverty is a curse. It is as bad as death itself at times. (Note 3)
  7. He alone is clean, who is clean in handling money. – Chaanakya (Note 4)
  8. A leader should ensure that his institution’s income is greater than expenses. (Note 5)
  9. A leader must take care that no money goes to the undeserving. (Note 6)
  10. Wealth (when not handled well) can lead to great evil. Note 7
  11. "Think of yourselves as trustees, not owners." Mahatma Gandhi to rich people.
  12. As we grow spiritually, we detach ourselves from material wealth and seek spiritual wealth like discrimination (viveka) and dispassion (vairaagya).

Note1: Wealth is arthah, dhanam, vittam, shreeh etc. in Sanskrit.

Note2: vidyaa dadaati vinayam, vinayaad yaati paatrataam, paatratvaad dhanam-aapnoti, dhanaad dharmah tatas-sukham. Subhaashita Shloka.

Note3: dhanam-arjaya Kaakutstha, dhana-moolamidam jagat, antaram naiva pashyaami, nirdhanasya mritasya cha. An old Sanskrit Shloka.

Note 4: yo’rthe shuchih, sa shuchih.

Note 5: aayas-te vipulah kacchit, kacchid-alpataro vyayah? Lord Sri Rama in Valmiki: 2: 100: 55.

Note 6: appatreshu na te kacchit, kosho gacchati Raghava? Sri Rama to Bharata: 2:100:55, Valmiki.

Note 7: artham-anartham bhaavaya nityam. Bhaja Govindam of Shankaracharya, verse 29.

Swami Chidananda


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